Clifton StrengthsFinder™ was born out of the desire to focus on what is right with us. Identifying our talents allows us to grow and develop ourselves with incredible ability and depth.


Are you…

~ a company leader, looking for ways to increase employee productivity, engagement and help your bottom line.

~ an HR director looking for your next development topic that will bring real and positive change to the culture of your organization.

~ a manager, in need of a strategy to take your team farther, to increase their ability to work together, and your ability to develop them.

~ personally stuck in finding your direction or niche.

Using Strengsthfinder™ can provide you with a solid education in soft skills, in personal development, in team cohesion, in group dynamics and ways to increase productivity in a method that works for everyone.


 StrengthsFinder Workshop Descriptions

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Good question. Clifton StrengthsFinder™ is an online assessment tool. There are 177 paired items of which you determine the one that sounds more like you. It usually takes about 20 minutes. When you’re finished, you’ll receive a custom, individualized report describing your top 5 talent themes. You’ll receive an action report, giving you ideas on how to start intentionally developing your talent themes.

That in and of itself is magical to people. It’s insightful and it’s liberating to see on paper things you didn’t even realize were your unique talents. Because it’s individualized people resonate with what they read. I know quite a few people who have shed a tear or two upon their first read through.

The full potency of Strengths comes into fruition through workshops & individualized coaching. In a workshop you and your team enjoy a hands-on, interactive experience learning how to apply this tool & information directly with your group. Investing in coaching allows you to dive deep in personally applying your talents to your own life and development.






Taking the assessment is just the beginning. The best way to go about implementing the power of a Strengths Culture? We start with you, the manager or leader, going in depth with strengths coaching. It’s important let the idea & usage permeate your entire management approach. The real power & edge of strengths comes into play when you have a coach (that’s me!) to help you hone & develop the use of your talents.

We’ll talk about your goals & vision for your team. We’ll take the time to identify the way you’ve already used your themes to be successful, the way others may perceive your themes, and create action steps to do more of what you do best. This  is one of the most important steps in bringing Strengths to your work place. After that, and only after that, its time to bring it to the team.


Once you the leader/manager have been coached, and your team has taken the assessment, its time to have some fun. My workshops are designed to bring in that key education piece while interlacing hands on practice & implementation.   We’ll get our hands dirty understanding ourselves and each other.


Want some help really solidifying strengths with your team? Follow the workshop up with 1 x 1 coaching sessions for your team members.


StrengthsFinder Workshop Descriptions

Purchase Assessment Codes for Your Team


If you’re ready to embrace what it is that you do best, and find ways to do even more of it StrengthsBased coaching is the option for you. We’ll identify your Strengths themes, and personalize them even further. We’ll explore the way you use them to create your success, and we’ll create action steps to move you forward in your goals.

Taking the assessment is the first step. Having a coach to help you understand, personalize & implement what it shows you is the next. Everyone needs a coach.


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