Strengths Coaching Programs

Each client’s program will be unique because each person will be unique. By definition, coaching is a client led process, and therefore there is no concrete curriculum. However, the 4 & 8 week programs will be loosely based around the following topics:


4 Session Program

(Each topic varies in length. Some sessions combine multiple topics, some will only have time for one.)

Strengths Appreciation Discussion – A guided discussion through unpacking your themes and how they show up for you as an individual. You’ve been through the workshop and got an solid foundation. Coaching will be a deep dive into you.

Action Planning Guide – We’ll pull your Action Planning Guide and determine which steps are applicable to you and how to adapt them into your personal next steps.

Full 34 – You’ll receive your unlocked, full 34 ordered Strength Themes list is our first step. We’ll discuss all 34 themes and where they rank for you.

Investing In Strengths Discussion – A guided discussion through how you can use your strengths to invest in your goals, tackle your challenges and be more effective.

Sorting Your Strengths – A visualization technique sorting through your whole 34 and how you put them to work for you.

Dominant Domains – Plug your dominant themes into the domain grid and have a discussion around your dominant domain(s) and how you use them to make things happen.

Theme Insights – You’ll receive your own set of Theme Insight Cards that we’ll use to expand your understanding of & vocabulary around your own themes.

Individual Development Plan – We’ll consider one of your goals, choose a couple of your dominant themes and work through how exactly to put them to use on your goal.

Theme Dynamics – Your unique combination of themes affects their composition. We’ll discuss how your themes combine, further personalizing your understanding, vocabulary, & application of your themes.


8 session program

This program will build on the first four sessions, adding the following:

Talent Map – We’ll use a Talent Map document to create a visual picture of exactly how, when & why you use your themes. This will help you identify and choose which theme you’d like to be using when.

Values – You’ll receive your own set of value cards, which we’ll use to get a clear picture of the values that drive you. Identifying your values is a key step in leading your life on purpose.

Go Put Your Strengths To Work – You’ll receive your own copy of this book by author Marcus Buckingham and we’ll begin to work through the key points & tools that’ll will help you personalize with incredible detail your talents within your themes.

Love It/Hate It Coaching – An exercise in which you identify points of peak performance, and points where you felt dragged through the mud. We’ll discuss them in detail and hone in on why they were life giving (or not) and how that can be used to help you create the success  you’re capable of.

Map of Me – We’ll use this mapping exercise to think through how you contribute. When you’re at your best, what you need from others, what you can offer them and what tends to take you to the bottom of the heap. Being clear on what you need & offer allows you to create it, both for yourself and through conversations with others.