About Sarah

My four kids and husband keep things hopping every day.  You’ll never see me without a book in my bag or the latest idea I’ve read about on my mind.

My background is in psychology, management & operations. In 2014 graduated from Coach Training World with a Whole Person Coach Certification (WPCC) and in 2017 I added Gallup Certified Strengths Coach to my credentials. I love helping people bridge the space between where they are and where they want to be.

Social and Personality Psychology are huge loves of mine. There’s so much about our behavior explained and explored in these studies and knowing about them enables us to know and understand ourselves. I love bringing what I’ve learned to clients as they facilitate their experience.

I’m a big believer that the most effective teams are those with effective individuals, eager to partner. Effective people are those that know exactly what they’re good at and how to do it. They’re eager to partner because they know how much stronger they’ll be when partnered with other effective individuals who know exactly what they’re good at and how to do it.

Compelling design is also a passion of mine. Creating potent environments, tools and flow to help our participants get the most out of what we’d like to teach them is an ever evolving motivation behind every workshop that I give.


It is so fun for me to get to know you – through coaching, consulting,  or through everyday life in social media. Email me (sarah@gambitcoaching.com)